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Must Do Treks is a guide to the best treks in the world. We aim to provide a website which inspires you to get out and trek by providing you with information on the world's best treks as well as suggestions for lesser known treks.

Trekking in New Zealand

New Zealand is rightly famous for its amazing trekking. The Milford Track is the most famous Must Do Trek in New Zealand but there are many other fantastic routes. Trekking in New Zealand is generally called 'tramping'.

When it comes to choosing a route, it is important to know the difference between a 'tramp' and a 'walk'. Tramping generally means trekking on non-waymarked trails, exploring the backcountry and enjoying the wilderness. Tramps require you to be well equipped, know how to navigate, and to be experienced in that kind of travel. 'Walks', on the other hand, generally follow well-maintained trails complete with signs, waymarking and basic facilities. Walks can still be quite challenging and many walking routes are multi-day expeditions - the best of these are known as New Zealand's 'Great Walks'.

There are 9 Great Walks in New Zealand - oddly enough, the 9 Great Walks includes one canoe trip! The Great Walks include some of New Zealand's Must Do Treks:

The Milford Track
The Routeburn Track
The Abel Tasman Track
The Kepler Track
The Rakiura Track
The Heaphy Track
Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk
The Tongariro Northern Circuit
The Whanganui Canoe Journey

These Great Walks are managed by New Zealand's Department of Conservation. They form the best known Must Do Treks in New Zealand and are enough to keep trekkers happy for many holidays to New Zealand! More details of the best of these walks, and some great tramps too, will be added here shortly.

Trekking in Australia

There's more to Australia than kangaroos! That said, Austrailia is not well known for its trekking and not many people would be include a trekking route in Australia as one of their Must Do Treks. But think again. It's a big country, with a diverse and beautiful landscape - and there is some great trekking out there just waiting to be discovered.

Australia's most famous trek is probably the Larapinta Trail. It starts at Alice Springs and covers just under 90km, with a couple of side loops. Most trekkers spend a week on the Larapinta Trail and it is a great way to explore central Australia.

More details on the Larapinta Trail will be added here shortly - it is Australia's Must Do Trek!

Trekking Holidays in New Zealand and Australia:

Trekking in New Zeland and Australia - New Zealand Trekking Holidays

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